Churches of the Southern Tagalog Philippines Provisional Conference contributes to raise an amount for the gifts and food packs for the families of the indigenous people in General Nakar and in Calauag, Quezon. Initiated by Rev. Marven Chavarria (pastor of the Kalayaan UMC)- the Director of the Bayan ni Hesus – Pamayanang Katutubo an indigenous community ministries led the gift giving project entitled “Pamaskong Handog sa mga Katutubo” (Christmas gifts to the indigenous people) and new slippers were given especially to the children of the Dumagat community staying at Sitio Panangatan in Baranggay Minahan Norte of the town of General Nakar in Quezon Province last December 18, 2012.
Sta. Rosa UMC, Pacita UMC, Bi̱an UMC, Pinagbayanan UMC and some individuals including Rev. DS Joel Capulong of the Laguna District gave their shares for the gift giving project. Sta. Rosa UMC and DS Joel Capulong donated sack of rice each and box of instant noodles. Pastor Cris Pera of Pinagbayanan UMC who also accompanies the team donated old clothes. He also handles story telling among the Dumagat children and conducted games. Rev. Nathaniel Francisco Рthe volunteer community coordinator gave the Christmas meditation. He also handed over an audio Tagalog Bible ipod to Jose Buendicho the community chieftain which was donated by Rev. Joseph Kim Рa Korean missionary in the Philippines assigned in Laguna and Batangas. Some gifts for the children which includes some pencils and toys were also came from Pastor Kim.

Also with them is Rev. Mervin Anthony Montano – the project head of the Bayan ni Hesus facilitated the gift giving. Pastor Marven prepared the food as he is in charge of the feeding program.

Some gifts were given to the Aeta Community in baranggay Bucal in Calauag, Quezon. The gift giving for the aeta or the Bihug community was facilitated by Pastor Federico Qunit Jr. of Kalinangan UMC and the volunteer community coordinator in the area. He was assited by Nilo Honrubia of Capaluhan mission. They also gave food packs to the families among the aeta through the efforts of the church members of Kalinangan UMC.



The Bayan ni Hesus – Pamayanang Katutubo project is a recipient of the Ethnic Local Church Grant of the General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church.

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The Mission Continues for the Calauag United Methodist Church

Arrangements with Pastor Federico Quinit – pastor of Kalinangan UMC in Baranggay Pinagsakayan (Sitio Tinambulan) in the town of Calauag which is also the mother church of Calauag UMC and with Rev. Joseph Flores – the district superintendent of Quezon to continue the mission in the Calauag town proper where the Calauag UMC is used to be located.

It has been reported that the Calauag United Methodist Church has secretly break away from the United Methodist Church and affiliate itself with the break away church from the United Methodist Church in the Philippines named Ang Iglesya Metodista sa Pilipinas (the Methodist Church in the Philippines).

Though one family did not join the break away group – the family of Yolanda Manjares also known as Yolly and remain as United Methodist. She plans to attend worship services in the nearby United Methodist congregation either from Capaluhan where we have a mission congregation and also the place where she grew up or in Lopez Mission a mission congregation in a nearby town.

But because there are times some church members of Kalinangan UMC located in one of baranggays in the town of Calauag stays at the Calauag town proper wants to attend a United Methodist worship service on Sundays. So Pastor Quinit decides to minister to the emerging congregation in the Calauag town proper.There are also young people who are staying in the town proper because of schooling so they would have a church to attend to which is a United Methodist.

There is also a family a long member of Calauag UMC who came from a family of church workers who still wants to be a United Methodist especially their youngest child.

“Ang lolo ko ay pastor ng UMC” (My grandfather is a pastor of UMC) said the youngest child of the Romero family and wants to continue as United Methodist.

It was thought that no one should stop doing mission even in the midst of division and schism. It was agreed by the officers of Quezon District to help build Calauag UMC especially their hope to have a new church lot and building.

The photo was taken during their prayer meeting without the knowledge of the hptographer that they are no longer part of the UMC. Later they found out through the church member. The pastor did not told the photographer about their current situation.

Calauag UMC is one of the projects the STPPACE Projects is promoting to support them to acquire a church lot under the Advance of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. But unfortunately news from the church member that they are no longer part of the United Methodist Church for they join the Ang Iglesya Metodista sa Pilipinas.

The Ang Iglesya Metodista ng Pilipinas (AIMP) is the recently break away church from the United Methodist Church in the Philippines who supported the former UMC Bishop Lito Tangonan who was accused of having an affair with his secretary. But most of the supporters of AIMP were pursuing of autonomy from the United Methodist Church which is still under the process that will take 8 to 12 years. Some of these people join this church for they are looking for what they call “pagbabago” or reforms for the church that they end up putting up their own denomination.

Though there are District and Conference strategies in order to help the Calauag congregation to have their own church lot its pastor have finally rejected it and join the AIMP. One of the feedback from him he join this breakaway church because of the late financial support from the subsidy of the annual conference.

Only one church member of the Calauag congregation – Yolanda Manjares who is the church treasurer did not join the AIMP for she has her own perspective of the problem and possible solutions which is different from the view of those who are from AIMP and also the other members of the Calauag congregation.

The relationship of the Calauag congregation to the UMC is unofficially terminated. And also its pastor – Leonardo Balot is no longer associated with the United Methodist Church. STPPACE projects is choosing Lopez Mission, Calauag UMC’s mission point will be its predecessor as recipient of any support for church lot.

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Building hope in the “Land of Promise”

Calauag UMC in its new lot with Pastor Leonardo Bal-ot

Calauag United Methodist Church has already now transferred its venue for worship and pastors’ residence at Barranggay Sabang II to a lot where they plan to buy as allowed by the owner. Even the lot was not yet fully paid which still amounts to P 170, 000 (around $ 4000) the owner allowed them to stay being now the owner becomes a member of the church.

This will help the church to lessen its expenses on apartment rental which has increased. It was planned to use the money to pay for rental which will be use for the payment for the new lot. Though the fund allotted for rental was still from the District Office which is also from the annual conference. There are still no plans to continue the funding since the Conference also lacks funding.

Former pastors of the Calauag church especially those who hailed from the town of Calauag plans to how they could help the church. Calauag UMC is assured for help in building a sanctuary for a help from Korean Missionaries will be given for the church building only if they can secure a land title.

the members of the church continues to pray and planning for additional funds for the church lot.

In the recently concluded 3rd annual conference session of STPPACE created the “Bayan ng Diyos” a church based community development program with wholistic mission program. The “Bayan ng Diyos” was a Tagalog rendering of the Kingdom of God in which the program based its ministries to realize the reign of God in every communities. It will focus on three sector of the communities namely; the urban poor, rural and farm community and the indigenous communities. This sectors of the society compose the majority of the community in the are of Southern Tagalog.

The program has three main components; one is education, literacy and skills training program; livelihood and advocacy. The Bayan ng Diyos will first launched its ministries to the indigenous communities called “Pamayanang Katutubo – Bayan ng Diyos”. This program will focus its ministries on two locations. One is in Lopez, Quezon where most of the aetas resides and the other is in Infanta, Quezon where the Dumagats – a tribe related to the aetas, are.

STPPACE (Laguna Quezon Mission District at that time) have already got in touch with the tribal communities last 2006 when it responded to the victims of great landslide in Infanta, Nakar and Real in Quezon where the Dumagats where also affected by the disaster. Relief goods and old clothing were distributed in the community and some churches from other Conferences also gave their help.

Old clothing distribution among the affected community in Infanta, Quezon where Dumagats are. In the picture is the former district superintendent of the LQMD (now STPPACE) Rev. Igmedio Domingo Jr. (in white sando) looking on is former district lay leader Julie Capulong

This program will be under the Conference Board of Church and Society in partnership with Research and Project Development and to be participated by other Conference boards, councils and committees for other areas of ministry.

free medical services were also conducted in the visitation of the church workers in Infanta, Quezon last 2006

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thriving annual conference in a thriving communities

A Seminar for young people at Sta. Cruz UMC

The Southern Tagalog Provisional Philippines Annual Conference East is the former Laguna Quezon Mission District of the then Philippines Annual Conference East (now re-organized into two annual conference and one provisional annual conference). It covers the provinces of Laguna and of Quezon.

There are 15 local churches and mission areas in Laguna District and 9 local churches and mission areas in Quezon District. Majority of the churches in both districts are in the rural areas of the province and small membership churches.

Church members of Quezon UMC during a charge conference held in 2008

Three churches in Quezon Districts namely; Atimonan UMC, Alabat UMC and Quezon UMC are established church who have more than 50 members and have financial capability to support its church workers of a rate appropriate in the town. These three churches have also established kindergarten schools an outreach program for children in the community. Only Atimonan UMC have members who are professionals. Calauag UMC is the only local church which do not have its own church lot though it is the process of raising funds to buy a lot.

In Laguna District, only three local churches are established church which are financially stable among the churches in the Conference namely; Pacita UMC, Binan UMC and Sta. Rosa UMC. Two churches – Calamba UMC and Sta Cruz UMC are churches have not yet reached the required support for a pastor. And the following churches which are also established churches but still need a subsidy for financial support for pastors – San Pablo UMC, Pinagbayanan UMC, Kalayaan UMC and El Rey UMC.

the pastors and the deconesses of the former Laguna Quezon Mission District (picture taken at a Christmas Institute 2004)

Pastors and even deaconesses inspite of lower financial support still continues their ministries fulfilling the call of God in Christ Jesus making disciples of Jesus Christ transforming the world.

Worship Service

One Sunday in February, members of the Calauag UMC would go to Baranggay Pinagtalleran in the town proper of Calauag to an apartment rented to conduct their Worship Service. About 30 people with children attend the service led by Pastor Leonardo Bal ot – the pastor assigned who also lives in the apartment unit.

worship service at an rented apartment

The church will celebrate its 26th year anniversary this coming April 2011, the church holds strong to the faith they have receive amidst trials, hardship and poverty. The struggling church continues to serve the Lord inspite of tight budget. They have in a way sustain their expenses even the church members have low income and some have no regular jobs. They were formerly supported by the District for church rental and pastoral support but was stopped due to financial constraints in the District and the Conference.

The young people of Calauag UMC rendering a song

The church has a long history of raising funds and create income generating projects that will acquire for them a church lot for their worship services and different church ministries. They also experienced change of location for many times finding an apartment with low rentals. And this church also survived a split were the members who have more income have left the church and create a new one.

But God in a way have moved through the lives of each of them that some old inactive members were now active and always present in the church services and also some new persons joined them.

Calauag UMC members with Pastor Leo Bal Ot

One of their prayers is that one day, they might acquire a lot for their church the one they can called the “Land of Promise” a venue for for their worship, fellowship activities and for ministry events. Currently, they are eyeing a lot of about 120 square meters appropriate for them amounting to P 300, 000 (around $ 7000). They have some money but need more to acquire the lot. They continue to hold on believing that God on one day will lead them answering their prayers and find their “Land of Promise”.

(Advance project 3021227 )

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Reaching the rural poor

Kalinangan United Methodist Church

Farming life sometimes is too hard for many people in the rural areas like for the community at Baranggay Pinagsakayan of the town of Calauag, Quezon Province. Baranggay Pinagsakayan is one of many Barranggays of the so called “Upper Calauag” which are mostly agricultural. And majority of the farm were coconut. The area are rolling hills and the soil is acidic that the locals says it is only viable for root crops and calamansi. Majority of the people rely on the coconut farming beacuse of the copra industry.

People harvest coconut after 2 months are prepare them to be made for copra. But within this 2 month it is where people look for another means of livelihood. Some have resulted to charcoal making which gives them another income. Some raise pigs, crab and shrimps.

Because of hardship some young people migrated to the town proper, other provinces or to Manila to seek low income jobs such as service crew, or as domestic helpers. Few families have their children finish their high school and very few attend some college.

Church members meeting with the district superintendent (Rev. Igmedio DOmingo Jr. is the DS at that time)

The Cluster 7 are cluster of churches located in the town of Calauag and in the town of Lopez. It is composed of Kalinangan UMC – the mother church which is situated in the agricultural Sitio Tinambulan of Baranggay Pinagsakayan; Capaluhan Mission – one of the extension churches of Kalinangan located at Baranggay Capaluhan which is farther than the Pinagsakayan; Calauag UMC located at the town proper the daughter church of Kalinangan UMC and Lopez Mission located at the town of Lopez – extension church of Calauag UMC.

Kalinangan UMC is also located at the original 37 hectare land now only 5 hectares owned by the Philippines Annual Conference East of the United Methodist Church donated by Taytay UMC for means of livelihood in the area and future training center for people there.

The Cluster 7 conducted a farm project that each of the churches may start farming on 1 hectare each to develop. But only Calauag UMC and Kalinangan UMC continued because of limited resources. Calauag UMC started a peanut farming with some bananas. Kalinangan UMC pursued cassava farming.

One of the planning to develop more of the farm is to conduct training for people for integrated farming so as to maximize the land for farming and also to teach them new technologies in farming and even alternative livelihood. With this in mind, the Rural Empowerment and Agricultural Community Enhancement is conceptualize in order to train people with more skills and techniques for a more productive farming and to teach them appropriate alternative livelihood.

REACH is an approved project of the Advance of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church with project number # 3021226.

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